Sometimes I’m on podcasts! Here’s me in auditory form on how we can save the world through making buildings greener.

Modern Energy Management: This is a podcast by Lucid, created to be a place for sustainability, energy, and facility innovators to tell their stories and share energy best practices that go beyond the meter. In this episode, I explain how I use data to understand how our buildings are damaging our health and the health of the environment

Planet DBX: Dropbox is one of our tenants, and this podcast discusses some of the ways that landlords and tenants can work together on sustainability.

Kilroy Realty Heading to Carbon Neutral Status by 2020: Me explaining why my company, Kilroy Realty Corporation, committed to achieving carbon neutral operations so soon.

Senior Vice President of Sustainability at Kilroy Realty: If you want to hear all about what I do at Kilroy Realty, this is probably the best place.

Kilroy Taking Strategic Steps to Finance Solar Power: Solar power is a PAIN to finance, and we came up with a rather clever solution that works well for real estate companies.